dis/claim magazine dedicated to text production in contemporary art. Periodically, an editorial issue is published, as well as occasional contributions on current topics. Each contribution is preceded by a disclaimer which defines the genre of the writing and its conditions of production. Conceptually, dis/claim interweaves practices of digital influencer culture with reflections of current developments in art writing, where artistic forms of expression and established formats are increasingly intermingled. Instead of reproducing competitive and attention-grabbing mechanisms of the art market, as well as commercial online platforms, dis/claim provides a reparative platform for young practitioners of the local community in Vienna.
dis/claim invites its contributors and readers to invigorate art writing’s capacity to engage in discourse and dissonance  beyond internalized, institutional and commercial calls for individuation and commodification.




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Leonie Huber


Anna Barbieri
Diana Barbosa Gil
Anna-Sophie Berger
Albin Bergström
Anke Dyes
Christian Egger
Monika Georgieva
Jackie Grassmann
Laura Hatting
Ramona Heinlein
Kathrin Heinrich
Laura Hinrichsmeyer
Olga Hohmann
Steph Holl-Trieu
Lisa Holzer
Barbara Juch
Ada Karlbauer
Leon Keller
Cosima zu Knyphausen
Simon Nagy
Luīze Nežberte
Gianna Virginia Prein
Julius Pristauz
Anna Rimmel
Sophia Roxane Rohwetter
Anne Schmidt
Inga Charlotte Thiele
Miriam Stoney  

Valentin Unger


basis wien - Archiv und Dokumentationszentrum
Jackie Grassmann
Sebastian Koeck
Clemens Kuske
Simon Nagy
Miriam Stoney

graphic design

Sarah Podbelsek

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Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport


The concept and publication of dis/claim are inspired by countless discussions, talks and observations shared with friends and colleagues during the past years. Their thoughts, insights and criticism, as well as their desires and dreams form the foundation for establishing dis/claim as a platform for autonomous and reparative art writing.

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